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when they were mistaking a movie about howard hughes, they wanted to match the color of the drapes and also help out reporters. >> the day of the state of the union we called it a ready day because we were on the phone so much calling with questions to try to put something into historical context. >> the office opened back in 1975. >> the legislature was asking the president to make his public. >> he joined the staff a year later and became senate historian in 2009. >> i'm in an institution where henry clay and daniel webster, their desks are still there. >> chris: 45 senators are serving their first terms in a period of dramatic turnover he is gratified to be part of the body's ins tools institutional
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memory. >> my main objective is for people to have accurate information to base their decisions on. anything i can provide them, i get great satisfaction out of. >> chris: i asked ritchie what are the biggest changes in the senate. he said jet travel to make it easier to commute the televising of senate and lots more security. that is it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> this is a fox report. tonight, making history at the speed of nearly 200 miles per hour. the racing world sees danica
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patrick do something that truly is a first. and pope benedict xvi takes one of his last opportunities to connect with the masses. and what a welcome he gets. >> st. peters square, erupting in cheers, and their spiritual leaders during one of the most cherished traditions of the catholic church. pope benedict xvi's message to the faithful following his historic time to resign. after accusations this man got physical on board a plane because a child was crying. >> i pushed him away and that's when he-- >> and how this man is claiming the child is suffering as a result. >> and they are called the bravest for a reason. >> what we're now learning about the firefighters that battled this inferno.
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i'm harris falkner, we begin tonight with an emotional day in rome. pope benedict xvi making his first public appearance since shocking catholics around the world with his decision to retire at the end of the month. the pope speak to go a crowd estimated at 100,000 people in st. peter's square. and the pontiff's voice strong, blessing worshippers in the square and beyond and thanking them for their love and support. >> thank you, your presence here is a sign of the eif he cans and spiritual closeness you're showing me in these days. i am keeply grateful. in particular-- i am deeply grateful and in rome led by the mayor, i want to greet and thank him as well as all the inhabitants of this beloved city of rome. >> harris: pope benedict stepping down the end of the month, the first time it's
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happened in more than 600 years. the vatican says the conclave or vatican process could be moved up sooner. a showdown over the confirmation over senator chuck hagel shall the man president obama has picked to be the next secretary of defense. tonight one high ranking republican says a vote to confirm him should be allowed to happen. and the republicans successful solved his nomination, over a slew of concerns including the position over israel and iran and questions about how the white house has handled the terror attacks on our u.s. consulate in libya have also become part of the debate over chuck hagel. and steve scentanni is live with us. >> some republicans are questioning the qualifications of chuck hagel at the pentagon, but probably be confirmed anyway, now, hagel was widely criticized during his performance during the confirmation hearing and they
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delayed the vote so they'd have more time to ask the questions about the nominee, they say there should be be no hurry. and it's an important position. and here is senator lindsey graham on fox news sunday. >> i think we're doing our job to scrutinize, i think, one of the most unqualified, radical choices for secretary of defense in a very long time. >> meantime, senator john mccain says that hagel is not qualified, but he thinks it's time to go ahead with a vote since enough time has gone by to ask questions and now shall the white house is worried because two important nominations are going so slowly not only hagel, but john brennan to head the cia. >> between john brennan, the cia director and chuck hagel secretary of defense, we want to make sure we have them
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sitting in the the chairs working and i don't want something to have been missed because of the hangup in washington. >> reporter: and the vote is expected sometime after congress returns to work on february 25th, harris. >> harris: steve centanni, thank you. florida senator marco rubio talking about the white house plan for immigration reform saying quote, it's dead on arrival. as you may know, rubio was one of the republican and democrat senators who reached a break through bipartisan break through. another member of the so-called gang of 8, john mccain tweeted, headed down to southern arizona to assess border situation senator carper and mccaul. they want to see the true state of our border security with mexico and travelling with mr. mccain. doug luzader live from washington with more on this, doug. >> reporter: the president's new immigration plan is
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raising plenty of republican eyebrows on capitol hill. even if some of the details are sketchy according to a draft that was leaked to usa today, the president wants to create a special new visa specifically for illegal immigrants that would allow them to stay in the country as they wait for permanent legal status and even those with criminal records, convicted of crimes and spent nor than a year in prison. and the bipartisan plan is slowly taking shape in capitol hill. >> this raises a question that many of us are continuing to wonder about. does the president really want a result or does he want another cudgel to beat up republicans so he can get political advantage in the next election. >> the white house says that the president is simply following through on his promise to have a plan of his own ready to go if congress fails it act. >> we are doing exactly what we said we'd do, which is what we prepared in the event that the bipartisan talks going on
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on the hill, which by the way, we're aggressively supporting. >> the sticking point for many republicans will come down to border security and the bipartisan plan that's coming together here is expected to require that the borders be secure before there's a final pathway to citizenship. so far, based on what we've seen reported on the president's plan, that trigger mechanism doesn't appear to be part of the white house bill, harris. >> harris: doug, thank you. president obama facing some tough competition on the golf course on this sunday. this is the only video we have because the media were not allowed to get near the foursome with the president hitting the links were tiger woods in florida and the tiger's former coach has given the president tips around yesterday and today was the first time golfing with tiger woods and about the poor access from president obama, there's been a source of some discussion among wide range people in the media tonight. and fox news channel's chief white house correspondent ed henry is also the president and white house
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correspondent's association. and ed issued a short time ago, an official response and a statement. your statement first on fox report, reads, speaking on behalf of the white house and white house correspondent's association, today expressed frustration to me, having no access to the president of the united states this entire weekend. this is a very simple, but important principle we will continue to fight for today and in the days today, transparency, end quote and moments ago, i'm going to read this off my blackberry just getting it the white house releasing a response saying, the press access granted by the white house today is entirely consistent with the press access offered for previous presidential golf outings and consistent with the access to the white house press corps prior to arrival in florida on friday evening. back and forth from the white house.
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and new report raising questions about a world famous athlete's claims he accidentally shot and killed his model girlfriend. what investigators reportedly find inside the home of olympian oscar pistorius, for his side of the story. and they say it's not... and unthinkable as she held her toddler on her lap during a flight and alleging her son has not been the same since. what happened up in the air that now has the fbi involved. stay close. [ male announcer ] any technology not moving forward is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] and you'll find advanced safety technology
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>> a major south african news newspaper shedding lights on oscar pistorius and his claim he shot and killed his girlfriend by accident, a bloody convict bat and revealed that reeva steenkamp's skull was crushed. we know she was shot four times, so far no comment from south african police on the new report. meanwhile, families visiting pistorius in jail today and remains behind bar ahead of a bail hearing, his agent saying he has backed behind future races and says that fans are standing behind him. >> i can tell you that we'vehad a lot of fans on a global scale. really, on a global scale, so that's international fans from literally all over the world. >> and oscar pistorius claims he mistakenly shot his girlfriend believing she was an intruder.
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and her funeral is in a south african town on tuesday. and a toddler said to be traumatized after he was allegedly slapped in the face and a stranger accused of doing it. his mother says on a flight from minneapolis earlier this month. landing in atlanta when jonas began to cry and she says the man called her boy a racial slur and put his hand in the air and hit him in the face. and molly line joins us, we hope it's not true. we understand some details and witnesses, first of all, what about the details that we know. >> reporter: right, well, anybody that's traveled with a child with a toddler knows it can be challenging, no parent inspects near adult to lash out at their child and what the idaho man is charged with to go. she boarded a delta flight from minneapolis jonas, after
4:16 pm
taking her seat, s the man bega complaining, and drinking, and when it was time that they returned to their spot as the altitude changed jonas began to cry. and the man next to her, 60-year-old joe ricky hundley seen in a mug shot, a racial slur and allegedly slapping the boy across the face resultening a scratch underneath his right eye. >> he fell on to my case and his mouth was in my ear, he said it again, more hateful. he pushed himsy way and that's when he slapped jonah, so people saw. >> this is not hundley's first run-in with the law.
4:17 pm
in 2007 arrested in fairfax, virginia and charged with three misdemeanor violation, carrying a concealed weapon a and, and harris? >> the boy is adorable. flying with toddlers is tough and witnesses saw some of this. >> court papers reveal several people on a plane and a passenger went to help her. and he heard derrogatory language 12 rows back and got there in time to witness the attack. >> that would indicate a shout, 12 rows. >> possibly. the court paper work doesn't offer too many details. >> harris: i don't know how much we know, i'm worried about the little boy. the about mom says he was residual effects. >> he's more fearful of strangers and family members and favoring parents right now. >> harris: i can only imagine. molly line, thank you very
4:18 pm
much. thank you for the story. this time exactly one week ago on the fox report. word was just coming into our news room a monster tornado touching down in the south and now the threat of severe weather looms yet again. a storm that could bring divisioners and punishing the region. tragedy at a club, firefighters did not escape these flames with their lives. now we're learning how long it could be before we get any answers on what sparked them. [ coughs ] [ breathes deeply, wind blows ] [ male announcer ] halls. let the cool in.
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>> texas firefighters are hospitalized in serious condition tonight as investigators try to figure out what sparked an inferno that killed two of their colleagues. it broke out at an empty knights of columbus hall near houston. the flames ate through the structure quickly. it could take months to figure out what caused it. in rhode island, a tearful ceremony honoring people who died in a nightclub fire, it marks the ten years killed a hundred people. and family friends, past governors gathering to remember loved ones and many of the first responders to helped care for the survivor weeks and months after the fire showed up as well. and the rock band great white, set off fireworks inside a packed club that awful night and plans are underway to build a permanent memorial at the site. fox weather alert.
4:23 pm
two storms looming on the horizon in the days ahead. one bringing a blizzard, the other tornados and today, parts of the new england bat they abat-- battered by last week's winter storm, well, it delivered. much of the east coast all the way down to florida gripped by cold temperatures tonight. meteorologist maria molina is in the weather center with more. >> hi, harris, good to see you. we're talking about frigidly cold temperatures across the northeast and all the way down into portions of florida where we do have some warnings currently in effect out there. i want to start out across the northeast, and today is dealing with not only very cold temperatures, but strong winds gusting up to 30, 40, even 50 miles per hour at times and across portions of new england and the wind chill tonight is going to be bitterly cold. below zero across portions of massachusetts, connecticut and rhode island and take a look at tomorrow morning and many of you may head out to work and it's president's day and some of you do not have work and single digits out there early morning across new york
4:24 pm
city, across long island. some of you dealing with wind chill temperatures well below sear he owe and massachusetts and even into tomorrow morning. in the southeast, very cold in florida, it's very cold for floridian, and 40 sounds pretty good for us across new york city and currently right now 48 in orlando, and 46 in tallahassee, as we head into the overnight hours tonight we will be seeing the temperatures dipping below freezing here across southern georgia, the florida panhandle into central portions of the state of florida and freeze warnings in effect out here, and could affect the crops in florida talking temperatures that cold. in the northeast, maine has a blizzard warning and snow is coming down, up to six inches across in area and it's the wind causing this up here with blizzard concerns and northern plains, we have another system developing tonight and it will be strengthen by tomorrow morning and could be talking about blizzard conditions across north dakota and a winter storm warning across northern portions of the state
4:25 pm
of minnesota because of the winds and snow that we're expecting and harris, a very active week. by thursday, another system impacting the southern end of the country and southern end of the system we could be talking about tornados, a lot to track here coming up the next several days. >> not long ago, the groundhog said it was going to be short. i want to take that out from wherever he is, out of that rock to check that shadow one more time and winter is hanging on. >> yes, it is. >> harris: thank you very much. new information on the meteor that took aim and exploded over a city in russia. more than 1200 people injured and damage to building there. and hours ago, danica patrick making racing history. what she sees behind the wheel the at nascar that changed the sport forever. and also bourbon a, an american classic, one spirit maker learning the hard way not to mess with the original rescue. and grandma said this. when you've got it right.
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>> one after another, car
4:30 pm
bombs going off within minutes of each other. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. iraq, those explosions targeting outdoor markets across baghdad at the start of the work week, and bombs and parked cars going off at different parts of the capital and hospitals inundated with injured people. australia, a british teenage backpacker lost for three days in the outback is now out of the hospital. and the 18-year-old reuniting with his mom who made the trip down under when she heard her son was missing. >> this is one of the best days of my life. >> harris: her son was found dehydrated after getting lost while jogging in 104 degree heat. japanese, an unexploded world war ii shell disrupts life for thousands of people who have to leave the area while bomb experts deal with it. they found it about a year ago
4:31 pm
and now, safely detonated it in a controlled explosion in a nearby beach. south korea, a mass wedding northeast of seoul. 3500 couples tying the knot at unification church. it's the first time since the death of its leader and founder, the reverend sun myung moon last year. his widow is now doing the honors. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time now for the top of the news. russian authorities say now more than half of the windows broken out by the shock waves caused by a meteor are now repaired. friday's exploding space rock shattered glass in more than 4,000 buildings and a russian report says up to 1200 people injured, 40 remain hospitalized. newly appointed secretary of
4:32 pm
state john kerry talking with russia's foreign minister this morning. we're told they discussed the ongoing crisis and north korea's latest nuclear test and the two leaders will try to meet again in the coming weeks. a cold day in washington d.c., but showing up for a reaction on climate change. environmentalists gathering at the nation's mall. the national mall. they want president obama to reject a proposed keystone pipeline that will carry oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. and supporters say the government intervention is ill-advised. a popular washington state gun maker responding to-- after they passed a sweeping assault weapons ban and new restrictions on ammunition. a political battle also at the same time is set in another state, colorado. wmakers there to vote on gun control measures as early as tomorrow. adam housley is live for us in
4:33 pm
los angeles with more. adam. >> yeah, harris, the political gun battle from small towns like california, all the way to the national state and of course at the state level, you mentioned new york and colorado over the weekend, it was all about gun laws, like a marathon session on saturday. saw four of them passed, including gun laws that do everything from banning the purchase of magazines that hold 15 rounds to others have purchase private sale of firearms and instituting a universal background check, it's a day long thing that happened on saturday and continues tomorrow and those in favor of the ban say it's absolutely essential. >> that is the common thread that we see in the massacres, they're using high capacity magazines to unload as many bullets as they can to kill as many people as they can, in our schools, in our theaters and in our church. >> the magazine has one issue that's hitting a hot button
4:34 pm
topic in colorado because mag pole, the manufacturing magazines, attack on their jobs, attack on their freedoms and attack on the second amendments. >> and shipping and design as well as our headquarters facilities and probably another 400 or even more in our suppliers, subcontractors and service providers. >> and harris, this will be taken up in colorado. as you can see, there are people on both sides who make it a big issue. and some say overreaction and freedoms, and as you know, never an easy issue when you're dealing with the gun issue. >> it's a national conversation that people are having in straits across the nation. i was reading that they passed a law about self-defense on college campuses. >> with the aurora shooting, we were there for that last summer. and different states that addressed it as well. whether or not students should be allowed to carry conditions
4:35 pm
on campus in colorado and shall not be allowed and taken up as well. this is an issue in so many different ways and now you have the student issue and some say it's okay in colorado essentially saying, no, so far, but the battle is far from over. >> harris? >> adam housley live for us in los angeles, thank you very much. let's turn overseas, a bold and deadly attack in africa, once again westerners are among the targets and gunmen in nigeria, killing a security guard. we're told they're from britain, greece, italy and lebanon. part of the country under awac die islamic extremists, no word of randsome demands, but officials expect a radical islam sect blamed for killing nearly 800 people in the the past year. a manhunt for three thieves who did a smash and grab at a jewelry store, nabbing 2 million dollars worth of stuff
4:36 pm
out of a display case. where it happened and how they got away with it all. plus, the first african-american to go up in space. next, we share the inspiring journey of colonel sky looper. [ male announcer ] no matter what city you're playing tomorrow. [ coughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] you can't let a cold keep you up tonight. vicks nyquil -- powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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4:40 pm
place at the front desk. they smashed the glass, pendants, earrings, and made a clean escape with the help of an accomplice. and telling the hotel lobby does have surveillance cameras, but most of them were not working at the time. >> . >> all right. here at fox news we're partnered to celebrate black history month. aat as we call it. and supported by roger ailes to promote diversity in the television industry. we gave you a story first on "fox & friends" and tonight, one that got a lot of response we're going to put in on the fox report. by one-on-one with the first african-american in space.
4:41 pm
what kind of perspective do you get when you look down at earth from all the way up there? >> well, it's interesting, because when you look down at the earth, you can't tell one country from another, and you realize that all of us have to live on this one planet and we all have to get along. >> what's it like to be inside as you're being in space. >> being in space was so much fun. the view out the window was great. i loved zero g and people all the time, they pay you to do this? >> i hear you saying zero and you're really smart. >> (laughter) >> he was born and raised in philadelphia, the oldest of three brothers. both of his parents were college educated his father a mechanical engineer and his mother a public school teacher. >> so i grew up in an environment where i, hey,
4:42 pm
you're' going to college and you don't have a choice. >> growing up in the 40's and 50's, do you ever feel like the cards were stacked against you because of the color of your skin? >> no, my parents did a very good job. we never felt as if we were limited in any way whatsoever. >> but the classroom was anything, but natural or easy for guy in high school. an average student, he excelled in math and science, but plodded along in everything else. >> harris: you had a guidance counselor who had doubts how you could move on at the next level. what did she tell your mom? >> i was committed at that time i wanted to be an aerospace engineer and senior year you talk to the college counselor helping you with college education and all of that stuff unfortunately this lady sort of thought that i may not be strong enough to get to college and recommended that i do something else. i ignored her. i think my mother was more
4:43 pm
upset and didn't let it bother me. >> you had a plan and how you envisioned yourself as an engineer and knew what you loved. did that make a difference, having a plan? >> yes, it really did. i knew in, by 10th grade what i really wanted to do. >> part of that plan was a detour to vietnam where he became one of the most decorated american fighter pilots and flew more than 140 missions. >> what did you love about it? >> i liked doing it by myself. >> okay. you know, i don't need a navigator or a co-pilot. i like to be able to fly in the cockpit. close the canopy and more off. >> was it important to serve your country? >> yes. >> why? >> because i'm an american. i owe an awful lot to this country and i thought one way of doing it is by serving my country. >> if you thought flying fighter jets was exhilaratinexh,
4:44 pm
he was about to take off in another gear. >> nasa a looking for the next batch of the astronauts. >> specifically african-americans, what did you think your chances were. >> i didn't think my chances were very high. >> with nearly 10,000 applicants competing for just 35 flights, his chances were slim, but guy was one of three african-american astronauts, made it through. so, what kind of personality makes it into space? >> well, you have to be a person that can get along with a the lot of different people, but you also have to be a team player. >> were you anxious? >> i was excited about flying so i think we were well portrayed. interestingly enough when you rocket into space, it's almost like riding a simulator. the simulations are so good in the ground almost like you've been there before. >> harris: now you find out your mission has been moved up and you're actually going to be the first african-american in space. what goes through your mind? >> well, i was just excited
4:45 pm
about flying. but i also recognized the importance of the role that i was going to play and my goal was to do the best job that i could. >> for his second flight, his mission was scheduled to go up in january of 1986, the same as the challenger disaster. >> and they were having problems with pay loads and flipped us, but we ended up having a safe flight, but eerie to realize that the mission after us on challenger we lost the crew. >> harris: judy reznick, ron mcnair, these are people you knew. >> these were people in my class. >> harris: it's a tough question i want to ask, did you feel guilty that you weren't on that flight? >> no, not really. i felt very fortunate that i was not on that flight. one of the things that i did was i made a commitment to make sure that we flew safely
4:46 pm
again. >> harris: when people watch the story, what do you want them to take away from it? >> that i did a very good job. i chased my dream and chase those dreams that get you excited and you'll end up doing a lot better than you can imagine. >> you were just seeing video of the colonel with some young science and math students innovated to spend the afternoon with him and soak up some of his experience and inspiration, a special thanks to the great lakes science museum in cleveland, ohio for providing such a beautiful back drop for our interview and i tweeted out inspiration on this sunday night and i think he delivered. and fire crews locked in a battle with a massive inferno, when did this happen? >> coming up, what may have been behind that explosion and what happened to those firefighters. and some of the world's biggest cats just chilling
4:47 pm
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>> an explosion throws firefighters to the ground. it's our top story on this fox trip across america. alabama, that explosion coming as firefighters tried to contain a massive house fire near huntsville. none of them hurt. crews say an oxygen tank inside the home run turd and the fire marshal saying the home owner was cooking when a
4:51 pm
grease fire started. florida state's python challenge officially in the boo bagging nearly 70 of the burmese pythons. >> this hunt, a lot of people don't realize, covered millions of acres of land in the florida everglades. >> the grand prize winner taking home $1500 for the largest snake coming in at more than 14 feet long. >> and they eat small mammals, anything they can catch depending on the size of the snake. so, when they're out there eating our native species. >> wild life officials calling the hunt a big success. texas, a high school student with special needs achieving a dream and taking a shot at this life. team manager spent three years on the bench before the coach let him sign up for the final season and the crowd went wild on the court, but his final
4:52 pm
shot didn't fall. and that's when something amazing happened. the opposing team giving him another chance. >> i was very down and only seconds left. and gave a shot. >> that was the most incredible sportsman ship i've ever seen. >> with the ball in his hands, that final shot went in, sending fans on both teams. >> into a frenzy. that's a fox news watch. lions and tigers, i understand the reporter is joined by one in the live shot. cat haven near california's king canyon national park hosts some of the rarest cats in the world. this wild life preserve is loot like any other. michelle is from kings canyon park right now and i understand they're having to keep a piece of meat next to you to keep that cat from getting up on you, but he looks pretty friendly. >> that's right, hair harris, this is a cheetah and we have
4:53 pm
help with the handler keep him down. some meat to keep him in the frame of the shot. these cats here are more than for visitors to enjoy, but the main mission here is to help preserve felines in the wild. visitors hit the trails near kings canyon national park to learn about the many felines and conservation. >> conservation is different than some of the other animals and cats learn how to hunt, stay safe by being taught by their mother, that's not an instinct actual thing. >> he might bite us. >> and coming to this facility in central california you're not only getting a unique experience you're also helping a good cause. >> a lot of bang for your buck. you help cats and you help a lot of of other animals at the same time. >> cheetahs are different from most big cats. they're extremely friendly. imagine driving down the freeway 70 miles per hour and this guy passing you right by. tango the cheetah has been in
4:54 pm
many commercials and every penny goes back. >> and if i showed you a picture of a lion, it's not as effective as seeing a lion open her mouth like that. >> visitors like it more than a zoo experience. here you get to see people one-on-one contact with the cats and they know the cats, the personalities, and they can tell you everything and it's just, it's more intimate. it's nice. >> reporter: now, here is is a baby black jaguar, these are pretty rare and it was born a few weeks ago and that's why here at project survival cat haven their commitment to conservation is important. >> harris: michelle, the producer could see your live shot and you're freaking them out. you had your hand in the the cats' mouth earlier. who are you, like the cat whisperer? >> i don't know, maybe i am the cat whisperer, but i should have been more scared, but though, the cheetahs are nice and you can tell that this baby jaguar here is kind
4:55 pm
of sad, but all right. >> harris: very sweet. you are one brave reporter. give that kitty some milk. thank you for bringing us the upclose look, we appreciate it. >> harris: and speaking of people doing amazing things today. putting her pedal to the metal. danica patrick making history in daytona. and peter schrader is getting micced up. don't go away. designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. ♪ j♪ dreams of landns meet sea, deliciously ♪ ♪ friskies surfin' and turfin' favorites. ♪ ♪ feed the senses.
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if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history heart or blood vsel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked. it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> makers mark bourbon have has an announcement for people who love it. they've recently cut the alcohol content of the alcohol. but it's restored back to the historic 90 proof and in a tweet, said to consumers, you spoke, we listened. nascar saw the raw power of a girl on fire just in time for
4:59 pm
the big race next week on big fox. pet peter schrader is here. first time a woman in the pole position. >> and danica patrick making history. wonderful effort. she starts off at 8 place and gets the pole position, the first time a woman does it for a nascar race and neck and neck with her teammate tony i stewart for a while and surged past him, a huge deal and exciting race and she might be favored to win it all. >> harris: you know my second born, my own danica. get her in front of the tv for a little. and oscar pistorius fall from stardom now and the blade runner in the olympics last summer. and they've pulled him out of the races now. >> canceled all races in the near future and this is a wild story. a tragedy, really. and more stuff is coming out as we go. on valentine's day when it first came out t

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